Twenty nonprofits will participate in OURCONCERT. Concert organizers are signing them up now with the following organizations already committed to the event (updated February 5, 2020):


  1. Tri-Cities Kiwanis

  2. Autism Support of West Shore 

  3. Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan 

  4. Tri-Cities Family YMCA

  5. The People Center

  6. No More Sidelines

  7. Lori’s Voice

  8. Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Lakeshore

  9. Walk The Beat

  10. The Momentum Center

  11. Rett Syndrome Research Trust

  12. Third Coast Aquatics Water Polo Club

  13. Gracious Grounds

  14. Loutit District Library

  15. We still have room for more nonprofits - contact dave@ourconcertrocks.com

Each nonprofit organization will sell raffle tickets and be represented at OURCONCERT with a booth and promotional materials. They will keep 100% of proceeds from their ticket sales.


OURCONCERT will help raise awareness to the difference each of these organizations makes in our community and promote their good work before, during and after our show. By design, this event will include everyone and be based on togetherness, kindness, generosity, education and fundraising.

  • Togetherness because we believe that just being together sharing time brings understanding of each other’s lives.

  • Kindness because the act of being kind to people encourages others to be kind.

  • Generosity because of the support from many businesses and individuals in our community who just want to spread the love.

  • Education which is what we need to help everyone understand the situations and lives that many in our community are living.

  • Fundraising because in order for nonprofits to continue on with the great work they do, they need funding.


How Can You Help?

Please support your favorite nonprofit organization listed above by buying raffle tickets and then joining us in September of 2021 to show your support.


OURCONCERT will be a success because of the generous support of companies, individual donors and, hopefully, you! If you’d like to learn more about how you or your nonprofit organization can get involved with OURCONCERT, please contact us.

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